Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Have Fun With My Photoshop...



I dont know what syle of editing that i made...
He.. he.. he..
Just have fun with my photoshop everyday~~
Because UiTM block all video website!!

High Pass
Halo Effect

That's all i remember..

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lomo Style~~

I like lomo effect...
I dont know but i really like it...
He.. he.. he..

Thanks for being my model Am The Mods!!

For tutorial just go to this LINK

Thursday, October 18, 2007

German Photographer

I receive this Power Point Presentation file from my friend...
It's really amazing photo collection from German Photographer..
Here some sample..

Nice huh!!
Well if you want this .pps file, click the link below...


Tuesday, October 9, 2007

High Dynamic Range [HDR] Editing Tutorial

Well.. Here I just wanna share how to make a HDR picture using photoshop & photomatix software fot those who think they are editing lovers~~

1st, open the image that you want to edit..

Go to Image>Mode> Change to 16 Bits/Channel

Save ass TIFF file and name it 1

Open Image>Adjustment>Level. Make it overexpose. Make sure not too overexpose

Save and name it 2

Undo and open level again. This time you make it underexpose. Name it 3

Ok.. now it's time to Photomatix do the job

Open the file

Open all the picture that you just edit before

Go to HDRI>Genarate HDR

Just click OK

Just wait for the process ntil you get the result..

Wait.. still not finish yet.. Go to HDRI>Tone Mapping

Ok.. on this process, it's up to you what your setting do you like.. Then click OK

Allright.. you got the resault.. Save it

Open on photoshop..

It's time to remove noise.. And I'm using Imagenomic Noiseware

Up to you to setting the luminance.. The important thing is the noise @ black dot 100% remove..

Ok.. After finished removing process, copy the layer or Ctrl+J

Go to Filter>Other>High Pass

For me, i'm just put 4.5

Ok then, make the layer Overlay

See.. you get the result.. YAY~~

Don't forget to Flatten it

The result..

Ok that's all the process..
Have fun~~

Monday, October 8, 2007

Canon Expo...

Good news for EOS @ "Jedi" users...
Becoz Canon Malaysia organize Canon Expo on this 23/10 ~ 25/10 at KL Convention Center..
Damn!! Wish that i'm the "Jedi" user too.. :P
He.. he.. he..

Welcome To My New Blog

Well... Before this I'm using Blogsome...
FYI, Blogsome interface is easy than Bolgspot..
But some of widget not support on Blogsome...
Really dissapoint~~

Anyway.. Welcome to my new blog :)